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About the practice

Osteopati Huset

We are located at Rosenvangs Allé 17 in Viby - only a few minutes from the center of Aarhus.
We have a dedicated free parking right in front of the practice. There is easy access with public transports : bus 2A stops in front of the practice, and buses 1A, 4A, 14, and 202 stop 3 minutes from it.
We offer good handicap access and a spacious waiting room.



Maud Clément
Autorised Osteopath D.O. & M.R.O.DK

Education :
- Osteopath D.O. – 5 years of full-time education  (Collège Osteopathique de Provence in Marseille - 2014).
- Pediatric osteopathy (French Institute of Continuing Education in Osteopathy in Montpellier – 2018)
- Birth and Postpartum period: Specific Osteopathic support for the Mother (Still Academy - Osteopathie in Mülheim Germany - 2020).

I graduated in osteopathy in 2014 in France after 5 full-time years of studies, I have been practicing in different countries before I moved to Denmark in 2016.

Experiences in different practices :

- Exercised home-care osteopathy from September 2014.
- Practiced osteopathy in an interdisciplinary practice with another osteopath, a physiotherapist, a language therapist, from December 2014 to March 2015.
- Volunteering experience in India in 2015 in Sadhana Forest, an international organization: https://sadhanaforest.org/
- Opening and practice in Opgangen Osteopati from May 2017 to December 2018.
- Start of collaboration with Klinik for Osteopati in January 2018, in Silkeborg: https://www.klinik-osteopati.dk/
- Opening of Osteopati Huset in January 2019 in Viby, in collaboration with Viby Lægehus : http://vibylaegehus.dk/

Babies & children field :

- internship in La Timone in Marseille, a public hospital, in the pediatric surgery unit in 2014 : http://fr.ap-hm.fr/services-timone
- Volunteering in Nepal with 2 organizations supporting children care and education : APC Nepal: http://www.pomme-cannelle.org/ , and Langtang Children Home and Disabled Daycare Center : https://www.facebook.com/pg/LangtangChildrenHome/about/?ref=page_internal
- 2 seminars in 2018 : “Danish health care system”, and “Pregnancy and birth in Denmark”, lead by Aarhus International Community.

Elderies & aftercare field :

- internship in Saint Elizabeth, a private clinic in palliative care, aftercare and rehabilitation services in 2013 https://www.clinique-sainte-elisabeth.fr/

Sport field :

- practice in sporting environment, by monitoring different rugby teams : https://www.stadephoceen.net/  between 2012 and 2014.
- volunteering during a marathon in Marseille, and a pankration competition (MMA).
- volunteering during a halv marathon in Brabrand in 2018.

Public services :

- Monitoring professional firefighters, between 2012 and 2014.
- University services for preventive medicine (Aix-Marseille) : https://www.univ-amu.fr/fr/serviceinteruniversitaire-medecine-preventive-promotion-sante 

Psychiatric field :

 - internship in the Edith Seltzer’s foundation, a psychiatric institution with daily osteopathic practice and full integration into the caregiver staff in 2013.
- Writing and defense of my final dissertation : “Bipolar troubles, catecholamines, and osteopathy” in 2014.

We are located close to Aarhus C

You'll find us at Rosenvangs Allé - just a few minutes from Aarhus city center. We offer good parking facilities and a large and spacious waiting room.