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Troubled by pain? Do something about it today

Osteopathy is a medical manual medicine, with a focus on biomechanics and mobility. Its aims is to restore a proper mobility for the body to get rid of pain and maintain optimal function. Acute or chronicle pain can find an answer with osteopathy, and everybody can receive care: baby, children, sport people, pregnant women or seniors. From July 2018, osteopathy is recognized as a health profession in Denmark.


Don't take my words for good

Listen to what 50+ patients has said

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I have previously visited osteopaths in Australia and needed treatment while I was in Brabrand. Maud was fantastic and identified many issues I was not aware of. She not only treated me in the clinic but also gave me exercises to strengthen some areas of concern while I continued my travels.
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Maud is incredibly meticulous, skilled, and competent! Here, the focus is not only on the symptoms but especially on the cause of the symptoms, which can be located somewhere completely different than one might expect. You are in good hands with Maud, and I highly recommend her!